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Free Flashcards for the TASC Test

It can be very hard to remember all those little details involved in academic classes. Our FREE Flashcards for the TASC can help you connect the dots when it comes to subject area knowledge. Use them to support all of that work you’re doing to prepare for the TASC and feel ultra-confident going into the exam! And best wishes as you prepare and take this important test!


TASC math content assumes you have a certain amount of knowledge of math terms and procedures. These flashcards will give you a quick review of many of the basics. Use them to supplement practice answering questions like those that will be on the TASC Math Test.

Reading Literacy

Want a quick review of literary terms and best practices to use during the TASC Reading test? Check out these flashcards! While you won’t practice comprehension, as such, you will boost your knowledge of words used in the test questions and learn the best way to find the correct answer.


You may not remember much from the days of sitting in science classes, except the fun labs, with the beakers, droppers, and maybe a cute lab partner, but we can fix that! Check out these flashcards to spark your memory of some of the more important terms and concepts that you will see on the TASC Science Test.

Social Studies

As you are answering the questions on the TASC Social Studies test, it will be helpful to be familiar with certain terms and ideas. These flashcards can help you review some of the high spots and become more comfortable with terms you may see in questions.


A big part of delivering quality written work is being able to correct errors. This is why many tests include questions asking you to find the mistake in a sentence or to find the sentence that is written correctly/incorrectly. Sharpen your “error-spotting” skills with these flashcards. They’ll help with an important part of your TASC Writing test preparation!

We hope that our free flashcards for the TASC have been helpful as you prepare for the TASC! Please let us know how our resources helped you and what else we can do to assist you with preparation. Find us on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, or write to us at We’re waiting to hear all about the journey toward your goals!