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What Type of Math Is on the TASC™ Test?

The Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ (TASC) covers five areas of study, one of which is math. The test is used as a high school equivalency test, and is a substitute for obtaining a diploma from a secondary school. Those passing the test will receive a certificate from their state’s department of education.

What to Know about the Math Section of the TASC Test

This is a timed test and is divided into two parts. Use of a calculator is permitted on one part, which must be completed in 55 minutes. The other section must be completed in 50 minutes, and no calculator is permitted. There are a total of 51 questions on the test. Test-takers must calculate the correct answers and enter them on a grid for 14 of the questions. The other 37 questions are multiple-choice. The questions are mostly word problems and require the test-taker to use the information provided. Mathematical formulas needed to answer the questions will be supplied.

What Areas of Math Are Tested?

The questions on the test are selected from five content types. These are listed below with a brief description of each:

  • Numbers and Quantities—Ability to solve problems; properties of rational and irrational numbers
  • Algebra—Application of algebraic rules (e.g., distributive and associative properties); solving linear equations; adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing polynomials
  • Functions—Analysis and identification of systems of equations
  • Geometry—Recognition and use of geometric formulas; proportional reasoning skills; analyzation of graphs
  • Numbers and Probability—Determination of the possible outcomes of a question

What Other Math Topics Are Covered on the TASC Test?

Algebra, geometry, and functions are highly emphasized on the test. Most of the questions come from these areas. Some of the assessed topics are listed below:

  • Creation and use of one and two variable equations in problem solving
  • Solving quadratic equations
  • Graphing solutions of linear inequalities
  • Understanding of domain and range of functions
  • Restating formulas to highlight the area of interest
  • Use of function notation
  • Use of formulas to determine volumes of geometric shapes

How to Prepare for the Test

This is a comprehensive test, and is designed to show that the test-taker has learned the equivalent of what was taught in high school mathematics. Knowledge of mathematical terms and algebraic operations is essential for success. Textbooks are one excellent source for practicing these. Test-takers must be able to solve problems of varying degrees of difficulty. Study guides and practice tests will keep you focused on the important areas of study.

You can access plenty of practice materials for the TASC test on our website.

Practice is the key to success on this test. If you put in the time to do an adequate review, you will do fine. Good luck on the exam!

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