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The TASC: All About the Test

What is it?

The TASC stands for Test Assessing Secondary Completion. It is a high school equivalency exam that also measures readiness for college and the workforce as defined by Common Core standards.

What’s on It?

The TASC tests your abilities in five areas:

  1. Language Arts-Reading- You will be asked to read passages and answer questions about them. The questions may be multiple choice or short answer.

  2. Language Arts-Writing- This section includes two parts: multiple choice questions that deal with things like grammar and spelling issues, and an essay you write in response to a passage.

  3. Mathematics- These questions are primarily multiple choice, but will include other formats in the future. Some of the topics covered include functions, rational expressions, real numbers, interpreting data, triangles, and polynomials.

  4. Social Studies- This section is mostly multiple choice, but may include some short answer questions based on tables or graphs. Focus on studying major United States history concepts, such as the Constitution, wars, government, places and regions, as well as micro and macroeconomics.

  5. Science- This section asks you questions based on a passage, table, diagram, etc. It is currently multiple choice but may incorporate other formats in future versions. Make sure to study scientific concepts such as ecosystems, energy, force, matter, genetics, evolution, and molecules.

How is it Scored?

All answers are worth a point, not including the essay, which is worth 8 points. There is no penalty for guessing, so don’t leave anything blank!

How Long Does it Take?

The TASC takes 7 hours to complete and is broken down as follows:

Language Arts-Reading- 70 minutes

Language Arts-Writing- 60 minutes multiple choice questions, 50 minutes essay

Mathematics- 90 minutes

Social Studies- 70 minutes

Science- 80 minutes

How is it Offered?

The test is given in both computerized and pencil and paper versions.

There are English, Spanish, large-print, Braille, and audio options.

How Much Does it Cost?

Currently, it costs $52 to take the TASC. This fee includes testing, scoring, reporting,and two free retakes.

All About the TASC

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