Question 40 - Reading: Level M Practice Test for the TABE Test

According to the passage provided, lemons taste sour because ____.

The lemon is a small tree (Citrus limon) that is green, even in the winter. The tallest height they can get is about 6 meters tall. Lemon trees originally came from Asia, but today can be found growing worldwide. They prefer Mediterranean climates with dry summer and mild, wet winters.

‘Lemon’ is also the name of the tree’s oval-shaped yellow fruit. The fruit is often available year round as lemon trees bloom all year and can have both ripe and unripe fruit on the tree at the same time. The fruit tastes sour because lemon juice is about 5% citric acid with a pH of 2 to 3. The juice, zest, and pulp of the lemon are often used in cooking and to flavor drinks such as lemonade or soft drinks. Many people enjoy a slice of lemon in their water.

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