Question 38 - Reading: Level E Practice Test for the TABE Test

Based on the text provided, what does the author want to explain to the reader?

Compost is a type of fertilizer. Fertilizers are nutrients that help plants grow. Compost is made from rotting plants and food waste. Composting can be a smelly process, but the result is a healthy additive for other plants. It is also a chance to recycle what would otherwise end up in a landfill. To start a compost heap in your backyard, pick a spot away from windows or doors to help keep the smell outside. Composting works best on soil or grass, not on pavement or concrete. It needs a lot of fresh air, so do not put it in a dark or closed off area. Once you have chosen a place, lay down some sand or gravel. Then add waste like vegetable or fruit scraps, grass cuttings or yard waste, and eggshells. Layer dry and wet materials. Cover the compost pile to help retain moisture and heat. Mix the compost pile every few weeks with a shovel. This helps add in air to support the breakdown of the waste. In a few weeks, you’ll have healthy fertilizer to add to your garden or houseplants.

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