Question 40 - Reading: Level A Practice Test for the TABE Test

Which organizational structure best describes the provided passage?

Although communication may be easier than ever as it seems almost everyone is connected through some sort of device, our ability to communicate effectively is actually getting worse. It’s much easier to misunderstand or misinterpret the meaning behind a text message or social media post than it is behind what someone tells you directly. Reading the often abbreviated language of a text message means that you can’t “hear” how the message is being delivered. You can’t use the subtle cues that we use when we interact with other people directly to understand the nature of the message. There’s not enough context to know if the person is happy or upset. They may intend for a post to be funny or teasing in nature, but the audience might read it as rude or insulting. Without the facial expressions, eye contact, body language, and tone of face-to-face communication, a person’s words can easily be misinterpreted.

While it might seem easier or faster to text someone, a more effective way to communicate is to actually talk with them directly. Even if it can’t be in person, picking up the phone and calling instead of texting can help minimize potential misunderstandings. In hearing their voice, you can pick up on tone and emotion that is lost in written texts. The best way to help solve the problem of hurt feelings or misunderstandings is to talk directly to another person. This is why communication is best when it happens face to face.

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