Question 10 - Language: Level D Practice Test for the TABE Test

Choose the best sentence to fill the blank at point 7 of the provided passage.

(1) ____ (2) Pavlov, born in 1849, was a physiologist famed for his work in classical conditioning. (3) Although Pavlov originally intended to study religion, he left the seminary in order to pursue mathematics and physics, eventually being named the first Russian Nobel laureate. (4) Pavlov conducted many studies in experimental medicine, but he is perhaps most famed for his work in conditioned reflex. (5) Pavlov greatly admired the work of physiologist Ivan Sechenov, even calling him “the father of Russian physiology.” (6) By studying canine reactions to stimuli and rewards, Pavlov showed that an unconditioned stimulus leads to an unconditioned response. (7) ____ (8) To conduct the official experiment, Pavlov would first ring a bell when feeding the dogs and, initially, the dogs would only salivate upon seeing the food. (9) ____, after many repeated incidences of this, the dogs began to salivate upon hearing the bell because they associated the sound of the bell with the idea of food. (10) After making this breakthrough, Pavlov spent the remainder of his life studying conditioned learning.

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