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Staar testing...

Is the whole test multiple choice? Are there any tips I should know that would help me out? Is it on a computer like this is? Is it a timed test? I'm in 11th grade and the school I'm trying to get into is making me test in. Please answer asap!

User-generated avatar lacey

Added on January 06, 2022 17:24


2 Responses

Unless you need special accommodations, the test will most likely be a paper test. On the math parts you will have to graph a few equations and the English tests require an essay. My best advice to you would be to get some good sleep the night before the test and to not leave any question on the test blank. Usually you can narrow down your choices and if you don't know the answer but guess you may get the right answer.

User-generated avatarMitsy Ace

Responded on March 11, 2022 06:31


Depending on if your son's college requires the writing portion or not I do not think that he would have to take the writing portion if they do not require the writing portion. as for the reading portion that is mainly comprehension so he would have to get better at that and maybe if he also focuses on improving other sections as well might help him improve his ACT score.

User-generated avatarChristopher-Boyd Tumey

Responded on September 26, 2022 17:02