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Discussion Topics for ServSafe® Exams

Start a Discussion 13 topics for discussion
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Test and Questions

How many question on test and are they the same as i have been studing

  • Added on April 08, 2021 00:04
  • by kathy price

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actual test

How close is the actual test to this test

  • Added on March 21, 2021 22:28
  • by Shandra McMillan

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Where I can get 500 questions for safe serve ?

I need to buy 500 safe serve exam questions and answer

  • Added on November 06, 2020 00:11
  • by Md Talukder

1 Response

Handling Tuna salad or deli meat sandwiches

If a tuna salad sandwich or deli meat sandwich is prepared on Monday, wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in a refrigerator. For how many days is that sandwich safe to serve?

  • Added on March 31, 2020 22:35
  • by Angela Prouty

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Test questions

How many questions are on the test? and what is the time to complete?

  • Added on February 15, 2020 14:59
  • by randy

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Actual exam

Where do I go to take actual exam, and if I want to retake for a better score is that possible?

  • Added on January 04, 2020 09:52
  • by Laci Robinson

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Actual Exam

How many questions are on the actual exam?

  • Added on January 04, 2020 09:51
  • by Laci Robinson