Question 9 - 11th Grade Mathematics: Statistics and Probability Practice Test for the SBAC

Which of these conclusions can be drawn from the data in the attached passage?

A. If you gain weight you will get taller.
B. No conclusions can be made from this data.
C. The more you eat the taller you get.
D. The more you eat the heavier you get.

Victoria kept track of her weekly calorie intake, weight, and height. She summarized her results in the table shown here.

Week Calories Consumed Weight (pounds) Height (feet\inches)
1 15400 108 4 feet 11 inches
2 16350 109 4 feet 11 inches
3 14210 107 4 feet 11 inches
4 14900 108 4 feet 11 inches
5 15800 109 4 feet 11 inches

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