Question 15 - 11th Grade English Language Arts and Literacy: Writing Practice Test for the SBAC

A student is writing an editorial for the school newspaper about participating in after-school activities. Read the attached excerpt from a draft of the editorial and complete this task:

Choose the transition sentence that would best improve the links between the second and third paragraph.

Participating in after-school programs offers students many benefits. And it not only benefits the students, but their families and communities as well.

One reason participating in an after-school program is good for students is that it is a safe and supervised place for them to be. Going home to an empty house or apartment after school can be lonely for kids. Staying out on the street with their friends can get them in trouble. After-school programs offer students a safe place to be with other kids their age and engage in activities such as homework clubs, sports teams, and social activities.

In an after-school program, students are socially engaged with other people, not home by themselves, isolated from their community. The games and activities often offered by after-school programs help to build students’ confidence and increase their social network of people they feel comfortable around.

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