Question 3 - 11th Grade English Language Arts and Literacy: Research Practice Test for the SBAC

A student is writing an argumentative report about the rights of students to have free education through college. The attached passage is from a source she’d like to use. The student also wrote down some claims to use in her report. Which of these claims is best supported by the information in the attached source?

“From early in their educational careers, students in the United States are encouraged to attend college and are indoctrinated with the idea that a college education will open an increased number of doors in their future and allow them access to higher paying jobs that will result in an increased quality of life. However, today’s college graduates find themselves heading out to the workforce saddled with tremendous debt from student loans taken out to pay for that college dream. Many of them find that those high-paying jobs they were promised are difficult to find as new graduates and the salaries they earn as they start their careers are barely enough to make ends meet, never mind making meaningful headway in paying off their student loans. As the cost of college continues to rise, so too does the student loan debt looming over new graduates. The college dream becomes a repayment nightmare for far too many highly educated young people.”

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