Question 16 - 11th Grade English Language Arts and Literacy: Research Practice Test for the SBAC

Your Performance Task prompt requires you to write a persuasive essay to the local city council about the need for a dedicated skateboarding park in your town. Select the two best sources from the attached list that would likely offer authoritative information you can use.

Source 1: a newspaper article about the increasing teen crime rates in suburban neighborhoods

Source 2: a YouTube video about how to successfully do a kickflip with a skateboard

Source 3: an article from a skateboarding magazine about the positive impact opening a skatepark had on one small town that had seen a rise in adolescent arrest rates before the park opened

Source 4: an interview with an ER doctor who has dealt with multiple injuries of children and teens who have been hit by cars while riding their skateboards

Source 5: a study that shows the positive impact on mood and mental health for people who spend time outdoors in parks or nature areas

Source 6: a biography written about Tony Hawk, a famous skateboarder, and his experiences as a teenage skater

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