Question 13 - 11th Grade English Language Arts and Literacy: Listening Practice Test for the SBAC

Which three details from the audio presentation best support the idea that Newton was a hard-working genius?

Statement 1: Newton’s work provided a conceptual framework to support and explain the observations and rules constructed by other great scientists.
Statement 2: Newton ignored his mother’s advice to stay home from college and help with the family farm.
Statement 3: Newton invented new mathematical tools to help him deal with the complexities that arose in his studies of the natural world.
Statement 4: Newton’s friend, Edmund Halley, convinced him to collect and publish his findings on motion and gravity.
Statement 5: Newton was a moody and difficult person to work with.
Statement 6: Newton continued to work on his ideas of machines and optics even when students were sent home from college because of the plague.

Text for audio retrieved from an astronomy textbook about Sir Isaac Newton from OpenStax at

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