25 “A” Words You Should Know BEFORE Taking the SAT® Exam

There is no way to know which words you’ll actually encounter on the SAT exam, but it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with as many as you can. Here are 25 “A” words you’ll have a decent chance of seeing again on test day:

Word———- Meaning

Abash———- To feel embarrassed

Abate———- To become smaller or less intense

Aberration———- Not normal

Abet———- To encourage or assist

Abdicate———- Give up

Abhor———- To find repugnant

Absolve———- To free from sin or penalty

Accord———- Harmonious, consistent

Acquiesce——— To give in

Adept———- Skillful

Affable———- Warm, friendly

Ambivalent———- To have mixed feelings

Amicable———- Agreeable

Apathetic———- Lacking emotion

Archaic———- Old-fashioned

Ardent———- Passionate

Ascribe———- To assign

Askew———- Crooked

Atone———- To make amends

Atrocious———- Outrageous

Audacious———- Risky, bold

Auspicious———- Favorable

Austere———- Simple

Avert———- To turn away

Avid———- Enthusiastic

25 A Words You Should Know BEFORE Taking the SAT exam

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