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Test Prep Blog for the SAT® Exam

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SAT® Test Dates 2019–2020

SAT® Test Dates 2019–2020

Updated 5/11/20 For the latest COVID-19-related testing information, please see our frequently-updated blog Standardized Test Administration During COVID-19 Pandemic. Taking the SAT® is one great way to prepare for your continuing education after high school. However, taking it does require some planning, including registering for the test beforehand. Registration can be done by mail, by phone, or online, but it must be completed by the deadlines. For mail submissions, this requires that they are postmarked by the regular deadline. For testing in the United States, late registration is a...
algebra formulas isee

SAT® Exam Blog

Formula Chart for the Heart of Algebra Questions on the SAT® Math Test

Caution! SAT® Ahead! A total of 58 Math questions are between you and …

how does cornoavirus affect sat exam

SAT® Exam Blog

How Does the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Affect My SAT®?

Students who have been studying diligently and preparing for an upcomin…

problem solving math sat exam

SAT® Exam Blog

Formula Chart of the SAT® Problem Solving and Data Analysis Questions

If you thought math wasn’t about everyday life, then the SAT® Problem S…

sat exam passport to advanced math

SAT® Exam Blog

Formula Chart for the Passport to Advanced Math Questions on the SAT® Test

How to get your Passport to Advanced Math Just as there are requiremen…

sat additional math topics

SAT® Exam Blog

Formulas for Addressing the Additional Topics in Math Questions on the SAT® Exam

How to address the “Additional Topics in Math” questions on the SAT® Ex…

how to do well on s a t

SAT® Exam Blog

How To Do Well on the SAT® Essay

While the essay portion of the SAT® is technically an optional task, th…

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