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Discussion Topics for Real Estate License Exam

Start a Discussion 7 topics for discussion
1 Response

Hello anyone taking the Michigan Exam, need study partner

Need study partner and only have til June 2021 to pass test

  • Added on December 10, 2020 19:44
  • by Deborah

0 Responses

Anyone taking the MA state test?

I would love to share ideas, hints, and insights.

  • Added on July 19, 2019 16:20
  • by Samar

0 Responses

VA real estate exam

What are the main focus areas? What type of math questions should I study?

  • Added on June 02, 2019 20:19
  • by Valarie

0 Responses

Virginia Real Estate and National State Exam

I'm taking the Virginia Real Estate and the National PSI Exams, what are the primary areas that I need to focus on? Are there many math questions?

  • Added on May 30, 2019 23:01
  • by Valarie

0 Responses

Test Anxiety

I have the worst text anxiety ever. I took my national and PA state tests a while back. I passed the state exam with flying colors in 15 minutes. However, I missed my national test by 5 questions *UGH*. I can talk all day about everything on the e...

  • Added on March 09, 2019 22:25
  • by Malarie J

1 Response

what are the basics for taking the psi exam

What do I really need to focus on for the psi exam

  • Added on January 16, 2019 21:31
  • by Iretha Spriggs

1 Response

Real Estate Exam

What’s the best way to study for the National portion of the Real Estate Exam ?

  • Added on April 05, 2018 17:01
  • by Viola Patterson