Question 12 - Writing Practice Test for the PRAXIS Test

(5) “But both sets of parents want their children to do well in school.”

Which is the best version for the underlined portion of sentence 5 from the passage?

(1) In both the South Korean and Mexican cultures, family is very important. (2) The father is the head of the family in both cultures and the individuals are very loyal to each other. (3) Both types of families may include extended members in their households.

(4) For South Koreans, the educational aspiration is to gain as much knowledge as possible; while for Mexicans, the goal is to use education to improve their socioeconomic class. (5) But both sets of parents want their children to do well in school. (6) Another difference between the cultures is the languages spoken, Mexicans speak Spanish and Koreans speak Korean.

(7) The information found from this project can be used in the classroom. (8) For example, when teaching Korean students you should explain the material in as many ways as possible to ensure understanding because these students will not tell you that they do not understand. (9) You should also remember that quiet Korean students are not incompetent but are just being obedient in the way that it has been taught. (10) For the Mexican students, you should keep in mind that parents are unlikely to help their student with homework. (11) This is not because they do not care about their child, but because the parent expects that the teacher has taught well enough that the child should not need assistance. (12) When meeting with a family from either culture about their child, you should address concerns or questions to the father if he is present as he is head of the family.

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