Question 22 - Reading Practice Test for the ParaPro Assessment

A paraprofessional might suggest that one of the paragraphs in the attached passage needs more support to match the level of argumentation in the other paragraphs. Which paragraph needs more support?

[1] Cats get a bum rap. It’s all about dogs, dogs, dogs, but cats actually make better pets than dogs for many people. Here are some reasons why.

[2] Dogs need space to roam. For those living in an apartment or who don’t have access to a yard where a dog can run around, that means regular walks, no matter the weather, to give the dog some exercise. On the other hand, cats can be exercised indoors with cat toys that stimulate their brain and that can be used either with or without their human present.

[3] Cats generally use a litter box to do their business. A few times a week, this box should be cleaned out by the cat’s owner to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. But for most dogs, using a litter box is out of the question. This means that the owner must take the dog out regularly to relieve itself so there are no accidents in the house.

[4] Content to be by themselves, cats do not require a huge amount of attention from their owners. They are independent pets that enjoy interaction with their owners on their own terms but can be left alone for periods of time without fear of destruction of shoes or furniture.

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