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Parapro Testing

When going in for the final Parapro test, do they combine the total of all three tests or is each individually scored? So what do I need to pass?
User-generated avatar Debbie

Added on August 11, 2018 18:28


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this seems like a difficult test i just started studying for it
User-generated avatarmichael montanino

Responded on November 09, 2018 20:32


It is one exam containing 20 math, 20 reading, 20 writing, and 20 classroom situation questions. They take the final combined score and determine if you pass or not. In my state, OK, you have to score a 455 or higher.
User-generated avatarVictoria Florie

Responded on August 27, 2018 15:27


30 classroom situation questions, 90 total - Madelyn Jackson December 04, 2018 01:59