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Discussion Topics for ParaPro Assessment

Start a Discussion 4 topics for discussion
0 Responses

Practice Test

Where do I find more practice test's? The system only shows the test I have already taken.

  • Added on September 15, 2020 19:35
  • by Dawn

1 Response

All of the math

This new math is not what I learned in school. I want to understand it but I'm having a hard time with it.

  • Added on July 17, 2019 05:25
  • by Wanda Jones

1 Response

Study Guide

I cant get the study guide to download. Any ideas so I can download then print it out? Thank you

  • Added on January 09, 2019 22:14
  • by Lisa Peterson

2 Responses

Parapro Testing

When going in for the final Parapro test, do they combine the total of all three tests or is each individually scored? So what do I need to pass?

  • Added on August 11, 2018 18:28
  • by Debbie