Question 8 - Science Practice Test for the NLN PAX

According to the table, what is the effect of sugar on the rate of cellular respiration?

A student wanted to compare the rate of cellular respiration in yeast cells by measuring the amount of carbon dioxide produced. She placed 5 g active dry yeast in each of five test tubes, then added water and sugar as outlined in the table below. She placed a rubber stopper with a hole on each test tube, then inserted a syringe into the hole to capture the gas released. The table shows her experimental setup and the data collected:

Test Tube Yeast (g) Water (mL) Sugar (g) Temperature ( C ) CO2 Produced (mL)  
1 5 20 0 32 0  
2 5 20 2 32 5.2  
3 5 20 4 32 12.1  
4 5 20 6 32 22.8  
5 5 20 8 32 24.3  

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