Question 7 - Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies Practice Test for the NCLEX-RN Exam

The nurse is preparing to administer Insulin Regular (Novolin R) to a type II diabetic client. Prior to administering the insulin, the nurse performs a glucometer test and determines the client’s blood glucose is 187 mg/dL. Following the order written below, how much insulin will the nurse administer to the client?

Administer 6 units of Regular Insulin (Novolin R) in addition to the indicated number of units based on the insulin sliding scale subcutaneously three times a day.

Adult sliding scale for insulin regular (Novolin R) based on blood glucose level:

Less than 70 mg/dL 0 units
70–130 mg/dL 0 units
131–180 mg/dL 2 units
181–240 mg/dL 4 units
241–300 mg/dL 6 units
301–350 mg/dL 8 units
351–400 mg/dL 10 units
greater than
400 mg/dL
12 units and
call the

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