RN Practice Test from 11am til 1pm tody. I signed up for it! How do I gain access to it?


How do I gain access to the RN exam Practice test from 11am til 1pm today , that I signed up for yesterday?

asked - October 13, 2018 14:54

1cc3f2d5f085304bb81a163a09508b64 Catherine H Pink

  • Added on: 13 Oct 14:54
  • By Catherine H Pink

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You can access all of Union Test Prep's practice tests for the RN at https://uniontestprep.com/nclex-rn-exam/practice-test ...if you are referring to a physical test you signed up for, Union Test Prep does not provide or administer physical practice tests for any of the content on the website.

answered - October 19, 2018 18:44

0a77da8ec88e9768f861383d53a595f8 Billy Sturgill