Question 8 - Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Practice Test for the MCAT

According to the passage, if the Department of Health specifically wants to increase the minimum length of breastfeeding time, on whom should they focus their campaign?

Breast milk is proven to be the best form of nutrition for infants and is recommended for at least 1 year after birth. Unfortunately, a recent survey of breastfeeding mothers revealed that only 20% continue breastfeeding or to provide breast milk through pumping after 4 months, after which they switch to formula. When asked about reasons for stopping breastfeeding, the top three reasons were: going back to work, lack of support, and difficulties pumping. A socioeconomic study of the mothers revealed that women who choose to breastfeed for longest tend to have a higher level of education and come from more affluent backgrounds. Conversely, those mothers who breastfeed for the least amount of time tend to belong to minority groups and are from poorer backgrounds. It has been proposed that cultural differences also have a significant impact on the duration of breastfeeding.

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