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Free Study Guides for the MAT®

There is no way to cover all of the content you may see on the MAT® test, but our study guides will address each type of word relationship you might see on the test. Then, you’ll know which ones are easiest for you and which ones you need to practice. There is also a study guide that gives you a glimpse into how content area studies may be represented on this test.

Association Relationships

Association relationships are defined by some sort of characterization shared by words. This study guide can help you learn to find this type of relationship between the words in the analogies on the MAT® test. We’ll tell you the various types of association relationships and give you tips on how to spot them.

Classification Relationships

The relationship between two words that is of a classification nature involves some way that the words can be categorized or organized. This study guide outlines these various types of classifications and gives you tips on determining this type of word relationship.

Content Areas

The MAT® pulls content from many areas of knowledge, covering all the things it’s taken you your entire life to learn. Therefore, it’s really impossible to review all of it as you are preparing for this test. This study guide outlines basic things you can review and suggests how to use what you do know to answer the analogy questions.

Logical/Mathematical Relationships

Logical and mathematical relationships involve a slightly different way of thinking about word pairs in an analogy. This study guide will explain the types of logical and mathematical relationships you may see on the MAT® test and tell you how to use this knowledge to address the questions.

Semantic Relationships

This study guide outlines the various types of semantic relationships between words and tells you how to proceed in their identification. While we can’t give you the exact word pairs you’ll see on the test, we can provide the tools you’ll need to determine those relationships and, thus, find the answers to the analogies you do see on the test.

Hopefully, our study guides have helped you get a good overview of the types of questions you’ll see on the MAT® test and some understanding of how to think about and answer them. Be sure to access all of these study guides so you’ll have the full picture of the types of thinking you will need to do to answer these questions.