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What Are the Best Undergrad Majors for Law School?

Gaining admittance to law school can be a challenge, and many law schools are very competitive. For those who know early in their educational journey that they want to go to law school, it may be helpful to know the best undergraduate degrees that tend to most effectively prepare them for law school education. While, technically, individuals may apply to law school with any undergraduate degree, the fact remains that some undergrad majors will prepare entrants much better than others.

Unsurprisingly, most law school attendees report having an undergraduate degree in political science. In fact, almost one out of five law school applicants come from this major. This course of study can help students understand our complex judicial system, foreign policy, landmark cases, and treaties—all of which are highly relevant for those who study law.

Economics and business are also highly sought after undergraduate degrees for law school applicants. Both of these degrees provide a high level of understanding of contracts, negotiations, and how economic functions drive our country and impact various segments of society. These two degree programs also help individuals to interpret and analyze complex data and solve very intricate and interconnected problems.

Two other degrees that may be best suited for law school attendees are history and English. History majors study the history of the U.S., including the evolution and development of its complex judicial system. This path of study also allows for deep analysis of how the judicial precedents have impacted society. English majors have the opportunity to study argumentation and how to write a well-researched and well-thought-out argument. The fundamentals of persuasion can help law students hone their skills in preparation for time that will be spent in the courtroom.

Law school provides the opportunity for students to specialize in many different facets of law and, depending upon the individual student and his or her interests, any one of these majors (or possibly a different one) will be a good path to prepare for the law school experience and ultimately a career in the legal system.

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