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The Top Ten Law Schools in 2021

As you consider attending law school, one big decision you’ll have to make concerns where you would like to attend. Law school is highly competitive and there are several well-known law school rivalries among the most prestigious law schools in the nation.

Law schools are regularly ranked by several organizations, including the National Law Journal and US News & World Report. The various rankings show a tremendous amount of consistency regarding the top schools, both across organizations and over time. A review of the top ten law schools is provided below to give potential law students an overview of some of the most prestigious schools.

  1. Yale Law School, New Haven, CT: Yale Law School is consistently ranked as the best law school in the country. Enrolling only approximately 600 students each year, it is highly exclusive, while also being home to one of the largest legal libraries in the world. Its average annual tuition is $66,267, median GPA is 3.9, and median LSAT score is 173.

  2. Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA: Harvard Law School is one of the most well-known and well-respected law schools in the country. The Harvard Law Review is also one of the most cited legal reviews. Its average annual tuition is $64,978, median GPA is 3.87, and median LSAT score is 173.

  3. Stanford University, Stanford CA: As one of the only top law schools located on the west coast, Stanford is known for its smaller class sizes and its use of law school clinics that allow students to get hands-on practice with actual clients. Stanford’s average annual tuition is $62,373, its median GPA is 3.87, and its median LSAT score is 171.

  4. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago is one of the few top-ranked law schools to open in the 20th century, as most others were established in prior centuries. Despite its youth, the school has grown dramatically and has received much attention for its application of social science and economics to the law. Its average annual tuition is $64,089, median GPA is 3.90, and median LSAT score is 170.

  5. Columbia University, New York, NY: Located in Manhattan, Columbia is well known for its small class size, low student-to-faculty ratio, and high employment rates. At $69,916 per year, Columbia’s average annual tuition tops all other schools on the list. Its median GPA is 3.70, while the median LSAT score is 171.

  6. New York University, New York, NY: New York University earned one of the top spots on the list by providing a very immersive experience in which students can gain practical legal skills in legal clinics or at the on-campus centers. The annual tuition averages $66,422, while the median GPA is 3.78 and the median LSAT score is 169.

  7. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA: The University of Pennsylvania, or simply Penn, is distinct in that it allows students to put a cross-disciplinary angle on their education, or even create an area of specialization. Its average annual tuition is $65,804, median GPA is 3.89, and median LSAT score is 169.

  8. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA: The University of Virginia is unique for its standard of operating on an honor system. It also allows students to earn joint degrees, tailor their education at special school institutes, such as the Center for National Security Law, and study abroad (second and third year only). Its average annual tuition is $63,700, median GPA is 3.86, and median LSAT score is 168.

  9. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI: The University of Michigan offers students the ability to start their legal education in the summer. It also offers dual degrees in areas such as Law and Business Administration and Law and Natural Resources. Its average annual tuition is $62,762, median GPA is 3.76, and median LSAT score is 168.

  10. Northwestern University, Chicago, IL: Law students attending Northwestern University enjoy a wide range of academic flexibility. They can choose from a traditional program, an accelerated program, or several joint degree options. Its average annual tuition is $64,402, median GPA is 3.77, and median LSAT score is 168.

For prospective law students, there are many options within the United States for their legal academic career. Fortunately, this country is home to some of the best law schools in the world. Prospective students should dig deeper to find out more about schools to which they consider applying to determine if they will be a good fit with personal career plans.

Top 10 Law Schools

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