Question 37 - Upper Level: Reading Comprehension Practice Test for the ISEE

The genre of the attached text would best be described as ____.

Michelin Tires Helps Yellowstone National Park Go Green

\[\begin{array}{} {1} & \;\;\text{Tourists visiting Yellowstone National Park’s famous geyser, “Old Faithful,” will even} \\ {2} & \;\;\text{use tires once they get out of their cars for a closer look. Old Faithful, you see,} \\ {3} & \;\;\text{now boasts a porous, clean, flexible walkway made almost entirely of recycled} \\ {4} & \;\;\text{Michelin tires. The “paved” surface, known as Flexi-Pave and manufactured by the} \\ {5} & \;\;\text{company K.B. Industries (KBI), is kinder to the environment than asphalt because} \\ {6} & \;\;\text{the permeable composite material allows for better erosion control and preservation} \\ {7} & \;\;\text{of the natural patterns of groundwater flow. In addition, the walkway surface is highly} \\ {8} & \;\;\text{durable and tolerant of extreme hot or cold weather, and does not leach any oil } \\ {9} & \;\;\text{into the surrounding environment.} \\ \end{array}\] \[\begin{array}{} {10} & \;\;\text{“The material used to create KBI’s Flexi-Pave is completely benign and therefore} \\ {11} & \;\;\text{can be used safely with the delicate aquifers here in Yellowstone,” said Kevin Bragnall,} \\ {12} & \;\;\text{CEO and founder of KBI, in a statement. The Old Faithful Walkway Project covers} \\ {13} & \;\;\text{6,400 square feet and includes 900 Michelin tires. “The path allows 3,000 gallons} \\ {14} & \;\;\text{of groundwater to pass per square foot. It also is designed to diffuse the water’s force,} \\ {15} & \;\;\text{helping prevent erosion,” Bagnall noted.} \\ \end{array}\] \[\begin{array}{} {16} & \;\;\text{“The Old Faithful Walkway Project is a great example of what a difference a} \\ {17} & \;\;\text{company devoted to sustainability can make in the world’s first national park,”} \\ {18} & \;\;\text{said Karen Bates Kress, president of the Yellowstone Park Foundation, in a statement.} \\ {19} & \;\;\text{“We are fortunate to have a corporate partner as farsighted, public-spirited and} \\ {20} & \;\;\text{generous as Michelin,” she added. Underscoring how important this project was} \\ {21} & \;\;\text{to the 126-year-old tire company, Michelin flew in a team of employees from} \\ {22} & \;\;\text{across the country to help complete the construction of the walkway. The 10 volunteers} \\ {23} & \;\;\text{were winners of a company-wide contest to participate in the project.} \\ \end{array}\] \[\begin{array}{} {24} & \;\;\text{Michelin is a major corporate sponsor of the Yellowstone Park Foundation,} \\ {25} & \;\;\text{with a goal of helping the park curb operating expenses and reduce} \\ {26} & \;\;\text{the consumption of raw materials. To ensure this, Michelin regularly donates} \\ {27} & \;\;\text{and helps maintain thousands of tires for Yellowstone National Park’s more} \\ {28} & \;\;\text{than 800 vehicles, including patrol cars, garbage trucks, snow plows and} \\ {29} & \;\;\text{load-hauling tractor trailers. The tires feature the latest in green tire technology} \\ {30} & \;\;\text{to help save fuel and reduce emissions.} \\ \end{array}\] \[\begin{array}{} {31} & \;\;\text{“Helping build and provide material for this new pathway is very much in line} \\ {32} & \;\;\text{with Michelin’s goal of working with the Yellowstone Park Foundation,”} \\ {33} & \;\;\text{said Leesa Owens, director of community relations for Michelin, in a statement.} \\ \end{array}\]

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