Question 17 - Upper Level: Reading Comprehension Practice Test for the ISEE

Which of the following is not an argument made in the attached passage?

\[\begin{array}{} {1} &\;\; \text{The right to vote for and elect government officials has been} \\ {2} & \;\;\text{fought for and earned by many people throughout history,} \\ {3} & \;\;\text{and thus it is a right that should not be taken lightly. Even in} \\ {4} & \;\;\text{America, the right to vote was once denied to many people.} \\ {5} &\;\; \text{Unfortunately, many Americans have become complacent} \\ {6} & \;\;\text{when it comes to voting. Rather than seeing it as a privilege,} \\ {7} & \;\;\text{it is often viewed as a hassle or a burden. A surprising} \\ {8} & \;\;\text{number of people simply choose not to vote at all rather than} \\ {9} &\;\; \text{make the effort.} \\ \end{array}\] \[\begin{array}{} {10} &\;\; \text{Americans who will soon be reaching the legal voting age} \\ {11} & \;\;\text{should take their right to vote very seriously. Registering to} \\ {12} & \;\;\text{vote and becoming informed about potential candidates is} \\ {13} & \;\;\text{the best way to understand your own government and help} \\ {14} &\;\; \text{enact the changes you want to see. Rather than viewing} \\ {15} &\;\; \text{voting as a hassle, think of it as a privilege that many people} \\ {16} &\;\; \text{across the globe are still denied.} \\ \end{array}\]

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