Question 15 - Upper Level: Reading Comprehension Practice Test for the ISEE

As used in the following sentence from the attached passage, what is the best definition for the word privilege?

“Rather than seeing it as a privilege, it is often viewed as a hassle or a burden.”

\[\begin{array}{} {1} &\;\; \text{The right to vote for and elect government officials has been} \\ {2} & \;\;\text{fought for and earned by many people throughout history,} \\ {3} & \;\;\text{and thus it is a right that should not be taken lightly. Even in} \\ {4} & \;\;\text{America, the right to vote was once denied to many people.} \\ {5} &\;\; \text{Unfortunately, many Americans have become complacent} \\ {6} & \;\;\text{when it comes to voting. Rather than seeing it as a privilege,} \\ {7} & \;\;\text{it is often viewed as a hassle or a burden. A surprising} \\ {8} & \;\;\text{number of people simply choose not to vote at all rather than} \\ {9} &\;\; \text{make the effort.} \\ \end{array}\] \[\begin{array}{} {10} &\;\; \text{Americans who will soon be reaching the legal voting age} \\ {11} & \;\;\text{should take their right to vote very seriously. Registering to} \\ {12} & \;\;\text{vote and becoming informed about potential candidates is} \\ {13} & \;\;\text{the best way to understand your own government and help} \\ {14} &\;\; \text{enact the changes you want to see. Rather than viewing} \\ {15} &\;\; \text{voting as a hassle, think of it as a privilege that many people} \\ {16} &\;\; \text{across the globe are still denied.} \\ \end{array}\]

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