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Hesi practice exams

Hello all. I am trying to prep for my Hesi. I am wondering how similar the partice test are to the actual test. I'm also wondering if those who have used this website feel it helped them pass their exams. Thank you in advance for any info.


User-generated avatar Deanna

Added on December 17, 2017 10:14


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Following. I'm planning on taking it in the next 3 weeks. Freaking out a bit!

User-generated avatarPipes

Responded on August 13, 2018 13:51


Hi Deanna:

did you take your exam yet? I'm just getting started and wondered the same thing. I'm also using a test prep book too.

User-generated avatarJenny Kimble

Responded on January 26, 2018 16:10


Hey Deanna and Jenny, I wanted to know how did you guys do on your HESI Exams and is the practice test similar to the actual test that we will have to take. - Brittany Thomas May 03, 2018 18:48

Hello how does this study det relate to real test. Thanks in advance to comments we are all study for a great test - Brenda Davis August 12, 2018 21:37

Hello! did you guys pass? - Mariam Bakare July 27, 2022 20:36