Hesi A2 Questions on the Exam

Are the questions here similar to the ones on the actual Hesi A2 exam? Im worried about grammar.

asked - August 03, 2017 05:59

F49114598d0e02fbe37879b21cf5917d Patricia Henderson

  • Added on: 03 Aug 05:59
  • By Patricia Henderson

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hi so how was the test could you give a bit detail

answered - August 26, 2017 21:46

0e1464746f4761a7906a8cb64e43d043 Karina

I take my test tomorrow, I will let you know!

answered - August 09, 2017 21:54

2b9c157e4a33268640db6589215be7c4 Jamie smith

Hey Jamie Smith I was wondering if the Union test was a good study guide? I have my test Friday. Thank you - ketra October 03, 2017 15:01