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Struggle with verbal or quantitative reasoning? Not sure how to approach the analytical writing section? Our FREE study guides for the GRE can help! We give you tips, tricks, and need-to-know information that’s essential to score well on the GRE the first time–and get you on the road to earning your graduate or business degree!

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Sections of the GRE

Analytical Writing

This section of the GRE involves a two-part task: writing analytically while analyzing an issue and doing the same while analyzing an already-written argument about an issue. These are two different processes and following the suggestions in this study guide will help you perform appropriately on each part of the test.

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Quantitative Reasoning

While you will not be exposed to any higher math skills (like trigonometry and calculus) on this section of the GRE, there are many things you can review in preparation for it. Use this study guide to keep all those math terms fresh in your mind for test day!

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Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning on the GRE involves not only understanding text, but being able to take that text and form conclusions and extensions from what you read. Using this study guide will help you know what skills you’ll need to have in place before attempting the test. Then, you can practice the skills with which you are not comfortable.

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