Question 5 - Verbal Reasoning Practice Test for the GRE

The passage addresses which criticism of Americanization?

“Americanization, which critics assert is a form of imperialism, as American culture and brands usurp those native to other nations, has spread throughout the developed and undeveloped world, leading to global recognition of brands such as McDonalds and terms such as hashtag and meme. Each of these invasive elements of American culture, according to sociologists, has the potential to completely erase an element of native culture. In the early twentieth century, however, Americanization was synonymous with progress, as other nations hoped to match the industrial and technological successes of the United States. For example, in Germany, prior to the World Wars, government and business leaders referred to the American obsession with efficiency as rationalization. Adopting American manufacturing techniques led to Germany significantly improving their own practices and, eventually, surpassing the United States to become the world standard of efficient manufacturing.”

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