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We’re sure you have about 8,000 things on your mind right now as you prepare to apply for graduate school. Studying for the GRE is only one of them and we’d like to help you out. Hone some of those skills by using our FREE flashcards for the GRE and boost that score! Along with our study guide and practice questions, they’ll help you get ready for test day.

Table of Contents

Sections of the GRE

Analytical Writing

When you are completing the Analytical Writing section of the GRE, it will not only be important to do your very best writing, but to adhere to the best practices for argument writing. These flashcards will help you to review, and hopefully avoid, some common pitfalls in writing of this type.

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Quantitative Reasoning

In order to reason in a quantitative fashion, you need to know the relevant vocabulary and be able to quickly devise a procedure. Check out these flashcards and hone your skills in these areas. They’ll provide a quick review to keep those terms and quick tricks fresh in your mind!

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Verbal Reasoning

Many sources mention having an excellent vocabulary as an important prerequisite for doing well on the GRE. These flashcards review some of the more difficult words you may encounter on the Verbal Reasoning section of the test. You will need to seek additional sources of vocabulary review in order to fully expand your knowledge of words and word meanings before test day.

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