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Free Study Guides for the GMAT™

Furthering your education through graduate school is a great idea and we can help you reach this goal! We know that applying and being accepted in graduate school is your priority right now and we want to help. Our free Study Guides for the GMAT will tell you exactly what to study so you can spend preparation time productively.

Analytical Writing

For this section of the GMAT, you will need to formulate and write an essay about a given argumentative piece. The time limit is 30 minutes, so you’ll want to have procedures in mind and be ready to go when the test begins. Use this study guide to help you prepare.

Integrated Reasoning

This section is just what the title implies: You are required to take given information and analyze it to find answers to questions. This problem-solving is similar to the type you would find while studying business at the graduate level. It will involve more than just understanding the text, so practice the skills in our study guide in order to prepare.


You have probably taken all the math classes you need to succeed on the GMAT Quantitative section because the concepts are on a high school level, but remembering all that stuff may be another issue! You’ll have to combine math knowledge with your reasoning skills in order to succeed on this test and referring to our study guide is a great place to start!


The Verbal section of the GMAT is all about language: reading it, analyzing it, and making corrections in line with standard written English (American). Take a look at the concepts covered in this study guide to form a framework for your preparation. Then, seek additional sources and practice on topics that give you trouble.

We hope you have found our Study Guides to be valuable resources in scoring well on the GMAT. Please do let us know how you’re doing along the way. You can email us at with comments and questions. Also, keep up with new testing developments and information through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.