Question 22 - Integrated Reasoning Practice Test for the GMAT

Using the information in the emails and assuming that the budget is $2,000, how many wedding guests are there?

Email 1

We have narrowed our choice of wedding caterer down to 3 possibilities: ABC Catering, Brittany Catering, and Coronada Catering. What are the prices per person to cater the event?

Email 2

ABC Catering charges $25 per guest. Brittany Catering charges only $22 per guest, but there is a 20% additional fee if the event runs late. Coronada Catering cost $28 per person, but only $20 per person for each guest who orders the vegetarian meal. Which do you think will be cheapest?

Email 3

We need to figure out how long the reception will last. Paying Brittany’s 20 percent fee could cause us to go over budget by $100. Any idea how many people will order the vegetarian meal?

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