Question 19 - Integrated Reasoning Practice Test for the GMAT

Referring to the information in the emails, if there are 200 wedding guests, how many would have to order vegetarian food to make Coronada as affordable ABC?

Email 1

We have narrowed our choice of wedding caterer down to 3 possibilities: ABC Catering, Brittany Catering, and Coronada Catering. What are the prices per person to cater the event?

Email 2

ABC Catering charges $25 per guest. Brittany Catering charges only $22 per guest, but there is a 20% additional fee if the event runs late. Coronada Catering cost $28 per person, but only $20 per person for each guest who orders the vegetarian meal. Which do you think will be cheapest?

Email 3

We need to figure out how long the reception will last. Paying Brittany’s 20 percent fee could cause us to go over budget by $100. Any idea how many people will order the vegetarian meal?

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