Question 16 - Analytical Writing Practice Test for the GMAT

When proofreading, what is the main error that should be corrected in this introduction?

The author forms the conclusion that radio advertisements will make any business more profitable based on the evidence that Plum Café saw an increase in sales after advertising on the radio. However, this evidence is based on several faulty assumptions and therefore the conclusion is not convincing. First, the author assumes that any type of business would be suitable for radio advertisements, but this is not necessarily true. Unlike a café, there are many types of businesses that may not be suitable for radio advertisements, such as a funeral home. The author also assumes that Plum Café only advertised via the radio, but they could have placed other types of ads that helped to increase sales. The author should have shown that the radio spot was the only change prior to the increase in sales. Finally, the author doesn’t consider negative consequences of radio ads for some businesses. Perhaps the public would tire of hearing the same ad over and over again, causing them to refuse to patronize the business.

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