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We know you have a mountain of things to do as you prepare to apply to graduate school and that reviewing for the GMAT is just one of them. Take advantage of our FREE flashcards for that extra boost in knowledge and skills. They provide a quick way to study, in the midst of all those other obligations!

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Sections of the GMAT

Analytical Writing

No, there is no place to practice writing an essay on flashcards, but they can help you practice spotting mistakes in your writing. This will be really helpful during those final 5 minutes of your time on the Analytical Writing section of the GMAT!

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Integrated Reasoning

To be proficient in the reasoning skills required on this test, you need to be fluent in all of the related vocabulary. Misunderstanding a term used in a question can throw your entire answering process off track. Use these flashcards to review some of the more important and often-used terms, as well as to prompt your review of others.

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The GMAT Quantitative section is the math part of the test. You will not only need to have good math skills, but you’ll be required to use your reasoning ability, as well. Use these flashcards to help review some of the key math terms and ideas.

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The GMAT Verbal section is all about the parts of an argument and using your judgment to analyze what works and what doesn’t. These flashcards should give you a step up in knowing to what the questions are referring and making quick work of finding the right answer!

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