Your GED certification: What Are You Waiting For?

There are probably as many reasons for not getting a high school diploma as there are people who don’t get one. Everyone’s life circumstances are different and, for some, the barriers to the usual high school graduation ceremony are just too great.

Here are some real reasons for leaving high school that we’ve heard from real students who were seeking a GED certification:

  • My parents moved around a lot and didn’t make me go to school.
  • I got in with a crowd of kids who didn’t care about school, so I didn’t either.
  • It was too hard for me and I couldn’t get the help I needed.
  • School just wasn’t “my thing.”
  • There was a lot of bullying at my school and I was too scared to stay there.
  • I had to quit so I could work to support my family.
  • I got so behind that I would have been too old by the time I graduated.
  • It didn’t seem worth the effort then.
  • I (or my girlfriend) got pregnant, and we couldn’t manage school and a kid, too.

And, the list could go on, for pages.

Do you see yourself in any of the aforementioned statements? Or maybe a similar one? Maybe your reason for not graduating was totally different. Whatever it was, know this now:

The reason is not important!

That was then. This is now. And you are different.

The other thing that really doesn’t matter is your past school record. This is a fresh start! You get to begin again, with the skills you already have, to learn all you can! No one is going to judge where you are in your progress or why you didn’t get that diploma in the first place. All that your teachers and other students care about is that you are on the path to a better place, for you, and, perhaps, for your family.

Students taking the GED test come from all backgrounds, most nations, and have varying needs in terms of education. They are aged anywhere from 17 to 100. We have witnessed a man in his 80s walk across the stage to accept his GED certification, to a standing ovation. On the same stage, a young teen mom exited the stage to kiss the forehead of her newborn.

In spite of all their differences, students who take the GED test have one thing in common: they have grown to realize that a GED certification will make a difference in their lives and they are doing something about it. This is what brings students together. With all of these people working toward the same goal, you have to ask, “What am I waiting for?”

Happy GED test graduation

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