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The GED: How to Ace It!

Know What You Need to Know: The GED test covers 4 subjects: Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA), Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies. Specifically, in each section you should study: RLA: Practice reading and answering questions about what you read. 75% of the passages will be n...
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Your GED: It Looks Like A Diploma, but Functions like a Passport!

Your GED might look like a diploma, but it functions as a passport that will take you to the next stop on your career or educational journey! When you’re studying for the GED test, it might be tempting to give up or put it off until a later date. Don’t! While you may have a job or other obligati...
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Homelessness and the GED: How You Can Help

Students from all walks of life use Union Test Prep to advance their educational and career pursuits, and we love hearing the different stories of the people who have allowed us to play a small role in their success. The other day we were honored and humbled to discover an organization using our ...
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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Get Your GED

You don’t like earning money: Those with a high school diploma or equivalent such as the GED make more money than those without one. A 2012 study by the Institute for Education Sciences found that the median annual income for those with a high school diploma or GED was $30,000, while thos...
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Celebrities Who've Earned Their GED

Thinking of earning your GED? You’ve got good company! Check out our list of 7 celebrities who earned their GED—and went on to achieve success! Nicholas Cage Christina Applegate 50 Cent Paris Hilton Pink Jessica Simpson Bill Cos...
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