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Your GED and College Progress

Beginning the journey to higher education can be daunting and is, perhaps, even more so for individuals who took an alternative path to get to this point. For individuals who received a GED, rather than a high school diploma, the placement exams and remedial testing necessary to begin higher educ...
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The GED® Social Studies Test: What You Need to Know

Not sure how to go about preparing for the Social Studies portion of the GED® test? What content and skills does the test cover? How long is the test and what types of questions do you need prepare for? The GED® test can seem overwhelming. However, if you break it down and study smart, you can be...
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The GED® test: What’s New in 2018?

Guess What’s Missing from the 2018 GED® Science Test? Changes can cause anxiety, but we think you’ll like this one. Beginning in 2018, there will be no short answer questions on the GED® Science test. Can you say, “Woohoo?” That’s right! The test designers did some research and found that this t...
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2016 GED Test Updates: It’s All Good!

Since it was just completely overhauled in 2014, you’d think the information out there about the GED test would be mostly up-to-date. And it is, mostly. But there are a few important modifications that can affect the way you prepare for the test and how comfortable you are when you actually take ...
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How to Ace the GED

Know What You Need to Know: The GED test covers 4 subjects: Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA), Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies. Specifically, in each section you should study: RLA: Practice reading and answering questions about what you read. 75% of the passages will be n...
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