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Test Prep Blog for the English Basics

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Apostrophe Use

Apostrophe Use

Apostrophes are visible practically everywhere, from the brand name emblazoned above a store window, to the headlines found in the morning paper. Despite their commonness, apostrophes can give people a lot of trouble. Apostrophe Rules There are two distinct places to use an apostrophe in writing: to denote possession (“Kitty’s litter”) to acknowledge the presence of missing letters in a contraction (“he’s”) Although these rules may seem simple enough, they are frequently not adhered to, or confused with other grammar rules. First, we will tackle the most common misuse of apostroph...
language word choices digital age

English Basics Blog

Language and Word Choice in the Digital Age

Language and word choice always matter, but selecting the correct langu…

problem with double negatives

English Basics Blog

There Ain’t No Problem with Double Negatives—Except There IS!

Although we often think of English and math as being two very different…

text speak vs real writing

English Basics Blog

“Text-Speak” versus “Real” Writing

Oh, how far language and writing have come in human history! From early…

when to use a comma

English Basics Blog

When to Use a Comma

Commas. Such small little pieces of punctuation. But so powerful. And s…

finding the main idea

English Basics Blog

Finding the Main Idea

Many times throughout your education, you’ll be asked to find the main …

3 rules for capitalization of a title

English Basics Blog

Capitalization of a Title

Capitalization of a title can be trickier than you might originally t…

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