Question 19 - Subtest I: Reading, Language, and Literature Practice Test for the CSET Multiple Subjects Test

The attached paragraph would best be categorized as ____ writing.

\(^1\)The America’s Cup race pits sailing machine against sailing machine as finely honed crafts take to the water hoping for victory. \(^2\)These yachts are a far cry from the wooden boats with woven fabrics or animal skins used to catch the winds and propel the vessel. \(^3\)Sailing has been a mode of transportation, relaxation, and sport for thousands of years. \(^4\)The earliest sailing ships date back 10,000 years and were rudimentary rafts with sails attached to affixed poles. \(^5\)These vessels allowed for exploration and opened new trade opportunities. \(^6\)As the centuries passed and navigation techniques improved, sailing vessels were used for transport, military purposes, and broader exploration of the world. \(^7\)Developing technology saw the application of metal hulls, increased boat and sail size, and new designs to make boats bigger, faster, and more competitive. \(^8\)Today’s ships boast state-of-the-art hulls and sails that employ technology to make them lighter, stronger, and faster than ever before.

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