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How close are these questions to the actual exam? ie wording, topics, and actual questions? other than actual performance questions, are they similar to what I'll see when I actually take it?

asked - November 16, 2020 03:39

Tuan-Anh Kim

  • Added on: 16 Nov 03:39
  • By Tuan-Anh Kim

2 Responses


Hi, you can also attempt CompTIA Free Assessment from official partner websites before giving the exam, it will help you a lot to clear the exam, here is one example for CompTIA A+ and Network+

answered - April 09, 2021 11:04

Geraldine Souza


Not near as close, almost all questions are theories and troubleshooting oriented.

answered - March 01, 2021 02:33

Jose Angel Campos-Arreola