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Discussion Topics for CompTIA A+ Core Series Exam

Start a Discussion 4 topics for discussion
2 Responses

Practice Test

How close are these questions to the actual exam? ie wording, topics, and actual questions? other than actual performance questions, are they similar to what I'll see when I actually take it?

  • Added on November 16, 2020 03:39
  • by Tuan-Anh Kim

2 Responses

How long does it take to learn?

About how long will it take for me to learn all the information I need to take the test?

  • Added on October 08, 2020 03:41
  • by Andy Nichols

5 Responses

Where to begin?

I am looking to obtain my A+ and Security + certifications but I am unsure where to begin. I am reviewing the study guides, flash cards and creating my own reference outline. I am wondering if there is a better starting point to begin this journey?

  • Added on July 22, 2020 03:08
  • by Tanya Long

1 Response

When is the rest of the 220-1001 coming out

It would be nice when the rest of the A+ 220-1001 materials come out. Hopefully soon I will be taking the exam in a few weeks.

  • Added on October 12, 2019 16:07
  • by JM