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Test Prep Blog for the CompTIA A+ Core Series Exam Page 2

CompTIA A+ Wireless Encryption Protocols

With the number of wireless devices constantly rising, wireless security has become more important than ever. And in today’s hyperconnected world, we can use various tools and methods to help keep our data safe—one of which is enabling special protocols on our devices that encrypt data being sent...

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All About IP Classes

Communication on and between networks today relies on a systematic scheme built upon Internet Protocol (IP) Addressing. An IP address consists of a network ID and host ID and is broken down into five classes of addressing. These classes are best assigned and used according to the estimated number...

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What Is the CompTIA A+ Core Series® Exam?

This exam has replaced the old CompTIA A+® certification exam which is no longer administered. If you desire CompTIA A+ certification, this is the exam you should be studying for. Be sure any study materials you use have the words “Core Series” in the title. If not, you may be spending valuable s...

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