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I'm a Nursing Assistant, what's your Superpower?

Nursing assistants are overworked and underpaid, but always caring and compassionate. “I’m a Nursing Assistant, what’s your Superpower?” just about sums up these heroes of healthcare!
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Common Medical Prefixes

As a CNA, you’re bound to take care of more than a few patients with illnesses you’ve never heard of. Want to look and feel smart on the job? Memorize our handy list of medical prefixes to make it that much easier to decipher what Dermatomyositis next time you see it on a chart. Prefix———————— M...
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Start where you are...

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. When the world seems like its caving in at work, take some time to remember this quote. You are only one person, and you cant do it all, but you can do something! You have unique talents and gifts, so use them!
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They may forget your name...

When you have a million patients with a million needs, it can be easy to hurry through your job or view it with a “checklist” mentality. When you find yourself starting to struggle on the job, stop a moment, take a deep breath, and remember the most important thing: your patients. Though you may ...
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The Role and Responsibilities of a CNA

What does a CNA do every day at work? There are a million and one things, but we’ve highlighted 5 really important ones! Assisting patients with ADL’s CNAs are largely responsible for assisting patients with activities of daily living, or ADL’s in medical jargon. This means CNAs help patients ...
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